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Black and white headshot of Kamryn Lovett.

© 2023 Elizabeth Leland/Bold Joy Photography

About Kamryn Lovett

A 20-year-old makeup maestro with a penchant for transforming faces into fantastical realms, Kamryn discovered her passion for the alchemical power of makeup at an early age spent in stage plays and drawing elaborate digital designs. Graduating high school in June 2022 marked not just the end of one chapter but the commencement of her journey into the world of aesthetics. With her sights set high, she pursued her dreams at Paul Mitchell the School in San Antonio, graduating in May 2023 armed with an esthetician license and a palette of skills ready to dazzle.

Specializing in the mystical spaces of Special Effects (SFX) and theatrical makeup, Kamryn's resume reads like a tapestry woven with diverse experiences. First, she's been the mastermind behind the ghastly scenes of Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council (STRAC) Mass Casualty events across San Antonio; come Halloween, Kamryn's artistry takes a darker turn as she becomes a seasonal SFX makeup artist for the spine-chilling 13th Floor Haunted House. Here, her skills evoke screams and shivers, proving that her mastery of makeup knows no bounds. When she's not conjuring chaos for the sake of realism, you might find her donning elaborate costumes at gaming conventions, embodying her favorite fictional characters with grace and precision.

But behind the scenes and beyond the brushes, Kamryn Lovett is more than just a makeup artist; she's a dreamweaver, a storyteller, and a creator of worlds. In October 2023, Kamryn's talent caught the eye of Ultimate Face Cosmetics, who selected her as their feature ambassador for the month, earnest evidence to her rising stardom in the creative makeup world. This summer, she secured a coveted seat as a Top 6 Finalist for Ethereal Horror Fest's first ever Blood & Brushes: SFX Showdown, and is currently steering the ship as Head Makeup Artist for psychological drama short film, Inertia, and Escape from Tarkov-inspired fan film, Edge of Darkness, where her creative vision breathes life into characters on screen.

In every stroke of color, in every blend of shadow, she leaves an indelible mark on the canvas of imagination, a continuous testament to the magic that lies within the art of transformation.

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